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Crash Repair & Wheel Alignment


Depending on the damage a vehicle has sustained, it may need to be measured and jigged as part of the process to get it back to pre accident condition. In order to do this accurately, highly experienced technicians operating specifically designed equipment carry out this task. We have two jigging measurement systems, (Caroliner and Dataliner) and also a Wheel Force 4 Wheel Computer. Our Caroliner is the latest in blue tooth technology, delivering high quality repair techniques and accuracy. This is just one stage of the repair process, we suggest you take a look at the 11 Stage Repair Process.

4 Wheel Alignment


The Arago V3D is the fastest, most accurate aligner in the industry. Thanks to its DigiSmart™ technology, the Arago V3D’s cameras track all four vehicle targets automatically and at any height.

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